Benefits of Dates

Benefits of the dates is to increase stamina, the best drink post-partum and breastfeeding, helps the recovery process dengue fever, relieve bone pain and muscle, protects the body from bacteria cancer, prevent heart or liver disease, prevent strokes, reduce fever, increase in brain growth children.

Blood Sweat Sweet Girl Dora

This is a true story and true
It's been two tough years of this sweet girl, Dora, harbored a big question mark in his heart. Why frequent blood out of the pores on the head. Liquid red like blood sweat it like it just flowed between the strands of her hair, then Dora wiped with a handkerchief or tissue and hoped it was not a serious problem.

Dora did not complain.
He was too busy fighting in the middle of life that are not friendly, so do not have much time to think about the strangeness in his head.

He was orphaned, her mother had died. Before her mother died, my mother had divorced his Father. No choice but to work hard for Dora the Drudge to sweat blood for survival and two siblings, for the future.

The disease was not he thinks, because of limited funds.
Dora take any job in sight, a bathroom janitors, security guards, a motorcycle taxi drivers and construction workers.

Dora knew the job was only temporary. Dora had a big dream.
Since three years ago, he studied law at the University of Bung Hatta, Padang, West Sumatra. Lecture morning to evening, went home briefly and then pull motorcycles until midnight.
Dora sleeping three to four hours a day.

Dora must find the money to himself and his two siblings could eat, could pay for the rented house and can pay for college. Dora lives in a rented house in the middle of town along a narrow two siblings. ago where the father and stepmother ...

Father and stepmother lived in a ramshackle house, no man's house, the former hit by the earthquake, at the center of the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
The house is only three-meter-sized patch of rooms inhabited by many people yet.

Tighten your stomach Soon

Before starting to swell your stomach, it is good to be tightened again to make it look pretty.

Here's how that can be done so that the stomach can be more toned and flat.

  • Cardio workout.
For 30 minutes to an hour every day cardio (heart) is good and regular.
  • Jogging.
The right choice and also a good way to relieve stress. Whatever you do, once you find the type of aerobic training that you like, then you will never want to stop.
  • Riding a bike.
Walk for 20-30 minutes or ride a bike is the best way to get a toned stomach and healthy. If you are biking, walking or jogging do not forget to make breakfast first. Because this will change in the body fat into energy.

To be Seen Flat Stomach

Attempts to establish a healthy stomach and is the ideal dream of millions of people, for it must maintain the lifestyle each day.

Try the following ways.
  • Balanced diet.
Eating a balanced diet without having to leave the staple food. The way this is something that you can combine it into a healthy lifestyle so that your regular eating habits is still a good routine.
  • Portion A Nutritious.
High consumption of vegetables, bread made ​​from wheat or brown rice can also famous lots of fiber and good for the digestive system healthy and regular.
When increasing the intake of whole grains, like brown rice, make sure you do not ignore the fat intake, because they also needed by the body.
Avoid fatty foods and high carbohydrate.
  • Consumption of Minerals.
Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and cleanse your body system.
It also helps you to control the appetite.

Causes of Fatty Stomach

The stomach has an uneven texture and looks not smooth can occur because of fatty deposits, or having just given birth. But fat is a major cause of stomach looks not pretty. The emergence of fat is influenced by the following points.
  • GEN (Descendants).
These factors strongly influence obesity and fat deposits.
  • Hormones.
The hormone estrogen is present in the woman's body.
  • Age.
With increasing age will make your skin sags and loses firmness.
  • Food.
Overeating will facilitate the emergence of fat in the abdomen, waist, hips and thighs.

Kinds of therapy Stomach

Acupuncture Therapy.
This therapy is often referred to as acupuncture therapy.
This therapy aims to stimulate the brain to starve.
Do it regularly every month.

This is a type of therapy that suck the fat under the skin. How this is done by a specialist and require a very high cost.

Treating Stomach Naturally

There are natural ways to avoid stomach untukmerawat quickly become fat.

  • Consuming herbal teas or herbal products that contain ingredients that can digestion and blood circulation, so the stomach will be better.
  • Consuming protein foods like fish, chicken, egg whites and nuts.
  • Expand to consume fruits and vegetables.

    Prevent Stomach Fat

    Fiber Intake.
    Fiber is an important element in the diet, but to compensate for the water retention that causes bubbles, eat fiber in fruits such as apples and pears that have a lot of water content.

    Drug Side Effects.
    Expanding belly is a side effect of taking the drug. Aspirin sometimes causes problems that lead to constipation and abdominal distension, including the contraceptive pill.

    Avoid Constipation.
    Symptoms that have more than three bowel movements a week and involved the tension can lead to stomach was getting bigger. To stimulate the bowels, increase consumption of fiber from fruits and vegetables.

    Sports such as gymnastics or aerobics can move the fluid in the abdomen and push it out of the network and enter the blood stream which will be brought to the area to remove bile as urine.

    Note Pharmaceutical Ingredient

    Taking into account the content of the rules of use of drugs or dosages and contraindications of the drug to be consumed. Generally the-counter medicines contain doses that are not too big so it has a wide safety margin.

    Read brochure that includes doses of the drug use, indications, side effects and contraindications carefully. If after taking the drug side effects incurred one listed, then immediately stop taking the drug.


    How to Eat Safely OTC

    Common ways that people can do to minimize the unintended consequence of drug-free safely consume is as follows.

    Only for first aid, drugs are sold freely in shops although the drug is legal. Instead we are encouraged to always keep free of drugs, such as drug fever, influenza and oralik in the medicine cabinet as supplies for first aid.
    But if the symptoms continued until 2 to 3 days, you should immediately consult for further examination.

    Note the color of the circle of drugs consumed. Drugs should be sold in the shop that has the symbol is a green circle, which means the dose is safe. Drugs that have a blue circle symbol means limited free medicine that should only be sold in drug stores or pharmacies official, but can be bought without a prescription. While the drug with a red circle are classified as hard drugs require a prescription.

    Drug Shop

    Health problems can happen to anyone even though doctors. Prevention is better than cure is the motto that we have known for a long time. But if health problems have occurred, there is a taking in a natural way, namely break, consume more nutritious foods and drink water, or herbal therapy and medical therapy course.

    Almost all of our communities are familiar with the drug-free, simple example is the painkillers are sold in stalls while headache, influenza, fever or body aches.

    Drugs should be sold in the shop belonging to a drug-free and this drug should only be consumed by people who have organs function well or have no history of illness that needs special handling by the doctor of course.

    Cough Causes Hard

    Coughing hard can be a variety of causes.
    Causes include the following.

    Cough cough parings which could last 100 days.
    TB disease cough, months-long, small, arise occasionally, sometimes as just cleared his throat.
    In TBC stones may be accompanied with fresh blood stains.

    Coughing due to asthma, asthma attacks after much mucus is produced. Mucus that stimulate coughing.

    Cough due to a weak heart disease, blood yan unstoppable in the lungs, making pneumonia. Wet conditions in the lung that induce coughing.

    Cough due to nervousness, the mind is not calm, fears. These conditions could suddenly arise cough. Coughing like this will disappear on its own without treatment.

    Cough due to lung cancer that does not heal chronic.
    The cough is not necessarily. When lung damage more knowledgeable, more coughing added.

    Cough due to take in a foreign object, when trying to remove the respiratory tract foreign body it will cause a cough.

    Know the Various Kinds of Cough

    Cough Infection
    Coughing up phlegm, sputum amount produced very much, so that clog the airways. The color green yellow sputum. If not treated will worsen respiratory tract infection and the patient became short of breath.

    Hacking Cough
    Coughing does not remove phlegm. Itchy throat that stimulate coughing. Influenza illness usually begins with a cough, sometimes accompanied by a runny nose, fever.
    Cough should be treated by interrupting the comfort of sleep, stomach pain and vomiting, even if the cough is hard to be able to solve the blood vessels in the eye. This is seen in the whites of the eyes that looked splattered with blood.

    Hard Coughing
    Coughing can cause inflammation of the vocal cords and hoarseness.


    Mild cough

    A common mild cough cough come upon us is because of colds or cough symptoms of influenza which is usually the time the season changes.

    Coughing like this usually is not long, after sufficient rest or take medication on the market freely, the symptoms will subside and disappear.

    Coughing is a Directive

    Coughing is not a disease, but rather an indication that something is wrong in our bodies, either because the cause is a symptom of mild to severe illness that can be deadly. Although this type of cough seems almost the same, but the cause could be different.

    Coughing is the body's reaction forms remedy remove foreign objects that enter the respiratory tract. Foreign object in question could be dust, mucus or other foreign objects. This is actually a normal reaction and serves to protect ourselves.

    Coughing is also an expulsion of air is roughly to clear the lungs of harmful substances when the respiratory system began to fail. Pua cough can be a deliberate attempt to clear the throat. But keep in mind, a cough can spread germs that cause disease.

    Old Cough In Children

    Coughing a long time in children can be caused by pertussis, mycroplasma pneumoniae, but most remained because of allergies and viral infections that generally do not require antibiotics.

    In children, the stone that lasts more than 4 to 8 weeks might happen airway hypersensitivity, foreign body aspiration, tuberculosis, pertussis, cystic fibrosis or sinusitis.

    In this condition, terpai acting antibiotics should be considered.

    If the Cough Season Arrives

    Basically cough is a reflex center in the brain regulation. Cough reflex is also one of the body's defense system against foreign substances that enter the respiratory tract. When the choke, when exposed to flu infections, excessive mucus will also coughed by the body.

    To overcome atupun cough sore throat, no antibiotic therapy is needed. But the need is to multiply the drink, to make the mucus becomes thinner and more easily removed and the cough would subside.

    Coughing up because of the increased production of sputum that is triggered by viral infections or allergies. Cough due to flu virus infection can last up to two weeks even longer if someone is sensitive or allergic.
    The cause of cough in infants and young children are mostly parainfluenza virus, respiratory syncytal virus (RSV) and influenza virus.