Tips to Reduce Risk of Stroke

Although several factors such as family history, age, and race, can not be controlled, but there are a number of ways you can do To reduce the risk of stroke.

Some ways are:

Manage Chronic Conditions.
If you have problems such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure, do the treatment as recommended by your doctor. Similarly, if you are diabetic mellitus, keeping your blood sugar is always controlled.

Avoid smoking.
If you are passive smokers, although difficult, no one tried to stop smoking. Not only good for the finances for saving stop buying cigarettes, but also for your health. Ask the help of your doctor if you have trouble quitting.

Change Lifestyle.
It was easy it is spoken, but in reality it is difficult to do when not accompanied by a strong intention. If it looks hard, try to gradually change your lifestyle.
For example, if you do not like to eat vegetables, from now on try to paste the vegetables in the diet.
Another step, try not consume fried foods 1-2 times a week. Then slowly add the day. Not to forget, to add physical activity in daily routines.

Limit your alcohol intake.
Do you still like to consume alcoholic beverages ..
No problem. The important thing is to limit the portions. Consumption only in moderate amounts. For women, preferably not more than one drink a day.

Benefits quintessence Chicken Broth

Chinese society often make chicken broth soup to treat people with colds. Indeed, long known as the quintessence of chicken or chicken broth is known to have great benefit in maintaining stamina.
Not only that, the chicken broth is also capable of improving one's memory and relieve menstrual disorders and healthy women during the new birth.

Chicken contains water, protein, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It turns out the protein content in chicken form amino acids can be efficacious to optimize the power of thought. Chicken parts that contain lots of protein is generally eggs and meat. However, the boiled chicken meat extract and then captured by a special process for optimizing one's thinking power.

Amino acids that are good for the brain found in animal protein. Chicken one source that contains the amino acid animal.


To Recognize Dehydration can be prevented

You feel thirsty and then all of a sudden headache?
Do not delay, get a drink of water and preferably water. Because if the lack of drinking could be one cause of lack of fluids or dehydration.
Keseimangan disruption of fluid in the body will also disrupt the balance of electrolytes in the blood. The cause is trivial, but the consequences can be serious.

If you already work in a room air-cooled, as in the office, it feels like we've never felt haus.Sejenak glanced over the table, oh it turns out a glass of water had been prepared since morning, apparently still intact is never touched.
Apparently, for hours we continue to move without ever taking a sip of water goods only.

Habit is what causes the kind of office workers today have a shortage of fluids or dehydration.
At first glance made ​​no sense, be in the room was cold, but why lose fluids. Apparently the cold dry air inside the air conditioned room was draining fluid from the skin. In fact, when we breathe, the body fluid is reduced. Which reduced the amount of fluid through the skin and the respiratory this alone is about one liter per day.

Dehydration characteristics.
Generally, we will experience a mild dehydration on stage first. There are several symptoms that can instantly felt like thirst, flushed face, dry skin, decreased urine volume with a darker color, the head feels dizzy, weak, often sleepy, the heart beats faster, dry mouth, saliva is reduced and body temperature increased.


How To Dry Skin Wet Shoes

The rain suddenly makes your skin becomes wet shoes.
To resolve, use old newspapers.
Dry the shoes with a rag, then put crumpled newspaper into shoes.

Use newspaper without colored images so that the ink does not tarnish coating on the inside of the shoe.
Let stand overnight.
Newsprint absorbs moisture quickly while helping to maintain the shape of the shoe.

Drinks To Lose Weight

Many of the party or after a vacation to make your weight go up.
Try to cope with the drinking of oolong tea every day.

Japanese experts found that the polyphenols in tea help inhibit the absorption of dietary fat to 50 percent.
The reason is that these compounds inhibit the action of lipase, the fat-digesting enzymes in the stomach.
The result, you will look slim and feel good.

Prevent Body Odor

To prevent body odor that can not be overcome deodorant, dermatologists recommend avoiding such foods curmin, curry, and garlic which can cause the secretion of body odor.

In addition, use soap pH-balance and skin-care products to maintain the protective acid mantle of skin.
Try taking a bath with apple cider vinegar.
Pour 2 cups apple cider vinegar into the bath water to soak.

Massage To Overcome Hunger

You feel hungry at 4 pm after they were eating snacks and dinner is still hours away.
To overcome hunger in order not to nibble, massage a small dent in the area of ​​the upper lip with a circular motion for 2 minutes.

According to the shiatsu massage therapist, this massage stimulates the acupressure point known as the GV26, relaxing muscle contractions that make the stomach rumbling so you avoid looking for a snack.

Conquering Sleepiness in Afternoon

You feel sleepy in the afternoon in the office, but was drinking a cup of coffee.
To cope, try the following technique.

Breathe in and pull the stomach inward. Exhale through the mouth with the chin pushed forward, taking out a loud noise.
Repeat again.

Breathe in increasing levels of oxygen that generates energy in the blood.
Exhaled breath is hard to remove carbon dioxide from the body.
You'll get the energy needed to complete the task.

In order to Looks Younger In 10 Minutes

Your beautiful eyes and your smile bright, but lately you see in the mirror, the skin starts sagging with large pores, a sign of aging.

To refresh the skin, shake 2 egg whites for 1 minute. Then apply to the skin of the face, avoiding eye area. Let stand for 10 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Egg whites contain albumin which tightens the skin and summarize the pore.
You will look fresher and younger in 10 minutes.