Tips to Reduce Risk of Stroke

Although several factors such as family history, age, and race, can not be controlled, but there are a number of ways you can do To reduce the risk of stroke.

Some ways are:

Manage Chronic Conditions.
If you have problems such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure, do the treatment as recommended by your doctor. Similarly, if you are diabetic mellitus, keeping your blood sugar is always controlled.

Avoid smoking.
If you are passive smokers, although difficult, no one tried to stop smoking. Not only good for the finances for saving stop buying cigarettes, but also for your health. Ask the help of your doctor if you have trouble quitting.

Change Lifestyle.
It was easy it is spoken, but in reality it is difficult to do when not accompanied by a strong intention. If it looks hard, try to gradually change your lifestyle.
For example, if you do not like to eat vegetables, from now on try to paste the vegetables in the diet.
Another step, try not consume fried foods 1-2 times a week. Then slowly add the day. Not to forget, to add physical activity in daily routines.

Limit your alcohol intake.
Do you still like to consume alcoholic beverages ..
No problem. The important thing is to limit the portions. Consumption only in moderate amounts. For women, preferably not more than one drink a day.