If the Cough Season Arrives

Basically cough is a reflex center in the brain regulation. Cough reflex is also one of the body's defense system against foreign substances that enter the respiratory tract. When the choke, when exposed to flu infections, excessive mucus will also coughed by the body.

To overcome atupun cough sore throat, no antibiotic therapy is needed. But the need is to multiply the drink, to make the mucus becomes thinner and more easily removed and the cough would subside.

Coughing up because of the increased production of sputum that is triggered by viral infections or allergies. Cough due to flu virus infection can last up to two weeks even longer if someone is sensitive or allergic.
The cause of cough in infants and young children are mostly parainfluenza virus, respiratory syncytal virus (RSV) and influenza virus.