Tips to Overcome Food Poisoning

Food poisoning happens in some developing countries have often occurred. By looking at the numbers, it is necessary about the importance of cleanliness. Food hygiene is the most important factor in the occurrence of poisoning.

Poisoning can happen to anyone,, woman, young, young, old, men know women. This happens when we consume food that is contaminated with germs, such as bacteria, viruses and toxins. Vegetables are not washed, undercooked meat, raw foods, or poor sanitation and improper enanganan while preparing food can also trigger poisoning.

Most people who have been poisoned will experience symptoms of nausea and vomiting, headache, weakness and diarrhea.
What to do when food poisoning, the following steps:

1. Recognize the symptoms and sign.
Poisoning is usually not only suffered by one person, but several people simultaneously. Beware if you experience symptoms keracuanan who also suffered by some people in almost the same time. Typical symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea, vomiting and diarrhea because actually this is the mechanism of fatherly body remove toxins and foreign substances from the body. But can be accompanied by lethargy, headaches and nausea.
These symptoms usually appear shortly after you drink or eat something, although sometimes appears after a few days.

2. Rehydration.
In poisoning, the most prominent symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. It can dispose of minerals and electrolytes your body through the fluid out.
Therefore, drink water as much as possible. Better yet, the liquid electrolytes such as oral rehydration salts are easily obtained at drug stores. If you did not get to the drugstore, make yourself at home.

As many as eight pieces of sugar a teaspoon and a teaspoon of salt dissolved in 1 liter of water. Although simple, this fluid is very useful because it contains electrolytes and fluid replacement is needed by the body. Do not need expensive, but when administered could save many lives.

3. Rest.
Rest your whole body with a total lie.
Minimize activity because the body needs to recover all the functions of organs, organs that have undergone toxicity.

4. Spit.
If the victim is conscious, keep his vomit. Do this by inserting a finger on the neck and esophageal body position higher than his head to ease the contractions.

5. Drink Milk.
Milk can also absorb toxins into the body. Give 1 to 2 glasses for adults and half to 1 cup for the kids.

6. Consider food.
While still feeling nauseous, avoid foods that are difficult to digest. We recommend eating soft foods, like porridge and soup. Give in small amounts but more frequently. Provide regular meals began to do if rehydration is resolved.
Avoid foods containing caffeine and sugar high as it can worsen diarrhea.

7. Bring to the Hospital.
If the condition does not improve or gets worse within a few hours, you should immediately take to the nearest hospital.
Do not forget to bring examples of foods that supposedly toxic to facilitate the doctor's diagnosis.

Balanced Nutrition to Healthy Living

Many nutritional problems experienced by some developing countries in the world.
Besides the issue of excess nutrients kekurangn nutrition also is also a problem bedampak equally negative. Malnutrition is closely linked to the slow growth of the body, lower body resistance so easily hurt and reduced intelligence and lower productivity.

The excess nutrients are marked with overweight and obese, at risk for various chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, gout and some types of cancer.

Nutritionally Balanced.
Nutritional deficiencies and excess arises because the diet is not nutritionally balanced. Malnutrition caused by nutritional intake below what is needed, while the excess nutrients caused by nutrient intake exceeds the requirement.
This occurs because excess nutrients are energy-dense diet (calories) and exceeds the requirements for the activity giving rise to obesity due to excess energy. To prevent nutritional deficiencies and kelebihamn necessary understanding and practice of healthy lifestyle among others, by eating nutrient sembang principled.

Not just for children, adequate nutrition is also needed for pregnant women. nursing mothers and the elderly. Adequacy of nutrition of pregnant women receive much attention because a major impact on child growth. So also during lactation. Nursing mothers consume foods with balanced nutrition principles to be ready to produce breast milk and is ready to breastfeed. So it is with people who are elderly, this time face various problems of nutrition and health.

Unfortunately, for some people the knowledge of the adequacy of balanced nutrition is still very limited. Various questions and myths are circulating in the community, provide very little information

Function Fish Oil On Health

Every single month once a mother brought her toddler to the Integrated Service Post. There children were measured height and weight. There is also a wish to give their children immunizations and vitamins. There was also a gift of fish oil.
Actually, what the benefits of fish oil.

Fish Oil for Cooking Oil instead.
Although fish oil is referred to as oil, but not the oil for cooking. Fish oil in question is oil as a source of iron. Fish oils classified as a low-fat source of cholesterol, so fish oil is safe and good for consumption by infants, toddlers, adults, pregnant women and the elderly.
Content of Fish Oil.
Fish oil contains very special or essential fatty acid called Omega 3 which has particularly wealth of benefits for the whole body and age.

Omega 3 is essential for the body's cell walls, which the body's cell walls could be composed semdiri because of the essential fatty acids. Through the cell wall is good and healthy, it can be:
  1. Controlling the levels of triglycerides in the blood, fat in the blood.
  2. Anti-inflammatory.
  3. For elderly people who can prevent dementia.
  4. Even in recent research has shown that omega 3 can control the hiertensi, overcoming osteoarthritis and prevent cancer.

Omega 3 can be converted into eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and decosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
EPA that serves as a supplement to the brain such as concentration. Then the vision and anti-inflammatory. While DHA is required to form a baby's brain growth and important for pregnant women for fetal growth.

Main source of Omega 3.
Despite this essential fatty acids are needed for the body, but unfortunately can not be formed by the body. So that these fatty acids must be obtained from outside or consumed.

The main source of fish oil or omega 3 can be obtained from deep-sea fish such as:
  1. Salmon.
  2. Trout.
  3. Kod.
  4. Sardines
  5. Bloating.
Where the mackerel is a fish which has omega 3 fatty acids the highest.
Will see the benefits of fish oils for the body, it is advisable to consume them, even though there are some products that contain omega 3, but the fish would be better than some supplements are rife in the market.

If forced to consume fish oil through supplements, choose a supplement that was already known since long and clear who produce it.
For problem size or number of fish oil consumed, can be eaten at will. Because the more fish you eat, the more fish oil also contains essential fatty acids that enter the body.

Beware Cracked Teeth

Teeth are an important organ for humans, especially in the digestive process. In addition, the teeth are also used to chew food before going into the digestive tract. Even so, the organ to chew it tertnyata be cracked too. Then how to solve this cracked tooth.

Fractured Tooth Roots Up.
Cracked tooth in question is indeed cracked or weakened teeth.
Not only just in the crown, but can get to the roots is also cracked.
Bia cracked tooth taxable only one root only, but the doctor will usually pull it out automatic nerve of the tooth must be treated or turned off. It also can be empty, if not revoked and the crown is still pretty good, can be covered with patches.

Causes of Cracked Teeth.
Cracked teeth can be caused from the following:
Since the accident trauma.
Consuming foods of different temperatures in turn.
Chewing food is too hard.
At the moment there are not accidentally eat rice stone.

Symptoms of Fractured Teeth.
Symptoms of cracked tooth is pain at the time mngunyah food.
If the tooth is not too severe cracks and only occurs in areas of email, no problems, can still be maintained, although the physical appearance of the teeth aesthetically beautiful or shape so it is not perfect.

Up to the layer cracks Dental Pulp.
But the problem is when a tooth cracks down to the pulp (the space that contains nerves and blood vessels), the tooth will become more sensitive when exposed to food with hot or cold temperatures or to consume food that is too salty, sweet, sour and this will causing tooth ache and pain.

Cracked tooth usually affects adults, whereas in children is rare, if it happens to children that milk teeth, the doctor just pull it out alone.

Cracked Teeth updating.
A cracked tooth can be renewed again, it was evidenced by the existence of some research done.
In essence, if the cracked tooth will still look good by utilizing the ring, with the aim that the tooth can not run everywhere and could be meeting again with the growth of new tissue.
Tooth cracks allowed to continue some kind, then in the gaps and cracks that contain food residue and bacteria can invite nesting. Usually the gap is difficult to reach with a toothbrush and can not be cleaned.

Therefore, before cracking the teeth becomes severe, it's good keretakannya patch immediately. but when the split tooth root channel has to be seen, it must be nerves or endodontic treatment.
At the time of the nerve treatment process, it helps to clean the pulp area first, then a cracked tooth was patched so that leftover food can not enter again. And if you can do a screening as soon as in the case of traumatic accident to determine whether there is a cracked tooth.

Really Sports can be fatal to the Heart

Perhaps there had ever heard that someone was after a workout, and then he died. In this country, this incident has happened to several artists, among others Adji Massaid, Benjamin Sueb, comedian Basuki and probably many other world celebrities have the same case.
From there came the impression that sport is supposed to bring misfortune turned out to be healthy for the heart.

Wrong assumption.
The presumption is thus began to appear in public. In fact, the wrong is not the exercise, but the unpreparedness of the factors that the victim be a trigger.
From a number of cases of sudden death after exercise, this condition occurs in those who did not exercise regularly, change the type of sport that became his habit, exercise load is too heavy compared with the age and weight.

Sudden Death.
Mystery of sudden death after exercise to get the answer.
When exercising, a person's body will dehydrate. As a result the body's blood curdle. Kentalnya this will lead to blood clotting. If someone either coronary vessels, blood coagulation is not an issue. When exercising or under stress, blood pressure, heart rate and coronary blood flow will also increase.

Increased blood flow is triggered frictional forces that cut the blood vessel walls, resulting in soft plaque in blood vessels rupture. Plaque rupture would trigger the release of fat that push blood clots more easily that would block blood flow.
When a blockage occurs in the coronary arteries, heart muscle will be deprived of oxygen suddenly. Akibanya, sudden cardiac damage and fails to pump blood throughout the body.

Choosing Exercise.
Heart attacks that result in sudden death can occur in all sports, not just futsal only. This is because all the sports could contain the danger if the perpetrator is not ready physically and mentally.
Physical and mental preparation that needs to be held include regular exercise and continuous so that the heart becomes stronger and in the long run be better.

Before doing the exercise, we should know the physical and mental conditions, consider whether we have a routine for this sport or not, what we are eating healthy as well as the results of our last medical examination like.

When a person aged 20-30 years, still can work out anything because his body is still supple and not appear the signs of degenerative diseases. At the age of 35 years, people have started to alert. In those aged over 40 years, selected the type of sport which should not be competitive, which requires large power and a long time, especially for those who are not trained.
Sports are suitable for this age is that aerobic such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling or swimming.

Due to the physical condition of each person is not the same, the recommended type of exercise is also different. Sports that do must be measurable and regularly. Scalable, because the physical condition of each person is different, including the possibility of potential diseases suffered, history of previous illnesses and diseases suffered by their families.
For that reason, early detection of disease needs to be done at the age of 35 years stepped on. All need to be checked, starting from the performance of the heart, blood vessels, blood pressure to the kidneys.

They are thinking about a descendant of heart disease, at least one generation on it, need extra vigilance. When the type of disease is known, then prevention must be done immediately. Furthermore, the appropriate type of exercise can be determined.


Cataract Surgery No Longer Scary

Get rid of the shadow of past cataract surgery.
Where patients still have to go home with your eyes closed bandage. With modern technology phacoemulsification, the risk of complications is reduced and recovery was faster.

Main Causes of Blindness.
Cataract is a major cause of human blindness worldwide. Ironically, the eyes of anyone actually will experience cataract, cataract in the end because it would attack anyone who are elderly.

What is a cataract.
Cataract is a disease characterized opacities in the lens of the eye. This will be experienced by almost all men who have eyes, but the course of their illness is different in each individual.

Common symptoms.
Symptoms are often experienced by people with cataract are:
  1. Vision is not clear as there is fog that blocks the object.
  2. Sensitive to light or light.
  3. Can see the double in one eye.
  4. Require bright lighting to be read.
  5. The eye lens become opaque as milk glass.
  6. Blurred or hazy like a frosted glass look.
  7. The size of the glass eyes are often changed.
  8. Often feel the glare in the daytime or in excessive light.
  9. Can see a double shadow on while driving at night.

Until now, the integral of the recommended and proven effective for cataract is operasi.Sejak recent decades, innovation cataract surgery is always evolving, until the most recent use is phacoemulsification.

Phacoemulsification surgery.
Minimal incision in cataract surgery or phacoemulsification.
Phacoemulsification surgery technique is a surgical technique by destroying matya who have cataract lenses using ultrasoniuk wave.
This technique has advantages over techniques that require seniors a wide cuts. In phacoemulsification, the incision is made no more than 2 mm to insert a tool that would destroy the lens of the eye.

Before surgery, her pupils dilated so that the eye lens can be seen clearly, then made an incision along the approximately 2 mm on the outside of the eye closest to the temples. After an incision is made, then made an opening in the front of the lens capsule-shaped wrapping sphere diameter of 5 mm, then the tool put the lens.

Cloudy eye lens will be crushed into small pieces without involving the capsule. The back of the lens capsule would remain intact because it will leave a bag to place an artificial lens. After the lens is broken, fragments will be sucked out through the same tool that also serves as a suction lens material that has been destroyed.

After that, the lens buiatan inserted into the lens capsule. This synthetic lens is foldable so that meaning can be folded easily inserted through a small incision earlier. For experienced operators, this operation can be performed in just 10 minutes. However, all procedures will take about 30 minutes.

Excellence phacoemulsification.
This method has many ekunggulan among others:
1. Side effects that arise are minimal, such as infection, because this operation can be performed more quickly, and incisions are made very small.
2. No need stitches.
3. Able to minimize bacterial contamination.
4. Patient comfort before and after surgery, do not have long to wait for days in the hospital.
5. After surgery the patient can go home and move as usual.

Clean the baby's eyes

To clean the eye on the baby, use a soft cloth or cotton wool soaked in warm water and squeeze the water until no trace.

Strictly forbidden to use soap and other chemical materials, as it will be very dangerous. Clean baby's eyes are closed while the innermost to the outermost corner.

Baby Ear Cleaning Dirt

Rules in the baby's ear cleaning is not done until it snaps into baby's ear. Instead, wipe with a soft cloth or cotton buds or a baby that has been moistened with warm water.

And even then only in the rear area, outside and around the baby's ear.

There was dirt in the ear baby clot ...
Do not carelessly drops ear cleaner, better leave it to pediatricians.

Caring for Babies Nails

The best in caring for the baby nails is to keep it short. The goal is to avoid having a baby hurt himself as well against you or your caregiver.
Sometimes, seeing a tiny baby fingers, first the parents fear for the baby nails.

Hence, small glove often be a helper to cover the baby's tiny hand. Still, the baby nails should be cut.
The trick is to do after the baby is washed, because the nails will be softer than when he was dry. If the baby is too agile, doing as he was asleep and use a special baby nail clippers yes.

Although he said the baby nails grow faster dibandngkan with adults, this is simply not true. What happens is because the size is small so that growth is more visible nails.
But, if comparing the nails of hands and feet, toenails are growing longer. Distinct character of a human fingernail, which is growing louder and louder and stronger.