Cataract Surgery No Longer Scary

Get rid of the shadow of past cataract surgery.
Where patients still have to go home with your eyes closed bandage. With modern technology phacoemulsification, the risk of complications is reduced and recovery was faster.

Main Causes of Blindness.
Cataract is a major cause of human blindness worldwide. Ironically, the eyes of anyone actually will experience cataract, cataract in the end because it would attack anyone who are elderly.

What is a cataract.
Cataract is a disease characterized opacities in the lens of the eye. This will be experienced by almost all men who have eyes, but the course of their illness is different in each individual.

Common symptoms.
Symptoms are often experienced by people with cataract are:
  1. Vision is not clear as there is fog that blocks the object.
  2. Sensitive to light or light.
  3. Can see the double in one eye.
  4. Require bright lighting to be read.
  5. The eye lens become opaque as milk glass.
  6. Blurred or hazy like a frosted glass look.
  7. The size of the glass eyes are often changed.
  8. Often feel the glare in the daytime or in excessive light.
  9. Can see a double shadow on while driving at night.

Until now, the integral of the recommended and proven effective for cataract is operasi.Sejak recent decades, innovation cataract surgery is always evolving, until the most recent use is phacoemulsification.

Phacoemulsification surgery.
Minimal incision in cataract surgery or phacoemulsification.
Phacoemulsification surgery technique is a surgical technique by destroying matya who have cataract lenses using ultrasoniuk wave.
This technique has advantages over techniques that require seniors a wide cuts. In phacoemulsification, the incision is made no more than 2 mm to insert a tool that would destroy the lens of the eye.

Before surgery, her pupils dilated so that the eye lens can be seen clearly, then made an incision along the approximately 2 mm on the outside of the eye closest to the temples. After an incision is made, then made an opening in the front of the lens capsule-shaped wrapping sphere diameter of 5 mm, then the tool put the lens.

Cloudy eye lens will be crushed into small pieces without involving the capsule. The back of the lens capsule would remain intact because it will leave a bag to place an artificial lens. After the lens is broken, fragments will be sucked out through the same tool that also serves as a suction lens material that has been destroyed.

After that, the lens buiatan inserted into the lens capsule. This synthetic lens is foldable so that meaning can be folded easily inserted through a small incision earlier. For experienced operators, this operation can be performed in just 10 minutes. However, all procedures will take about 30 minutes.

Excellence phacoemulsification.
This method has many ekunggulan among others:
1. Side effects that arise are minimal, such as infection, because this operation can be performed more quickly, and incisions are made very small.
2. No need stitches.
3. Able to minimize bacterial contamination.
4. Patient comfort before and after surgery, do not have long to wait for days in the hospital.
5. After surgery the patient can go home and move as usual.