Balanced Nutrition to Healthy Living

Many nutritional problems experienced by some developing countries in the world.
Besides the issue of excess nutrients kekurangn nutrition also is also a problem bedampak equally negative. Malnutrition is closely linked to the slow growth of the body, lower body resistance so easily hurt and reduced intelligence and lower productivity.

The excess nutrients are marked with overweight and obese, at risk for various chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, gout and some types of cancer.

Nutritionally Balanced.
Nutritional deficiencies and excess arises because the diet is not nutritionally balanced. Malnutrition caused by nutritional intake below what is needed, while the excess nutrients caused by nutrient intake exceeds the requirement.
This occurs because excess nutrients are energy-dense diet (calories) and exceeds the requirements for the activity giving rise to obesity due to excess energy. To prevent nutritional deficiencies and kelebihamn necessary understanding and practice of healthy lifestyle among others, by eating nutrient sembang principled.

Not just for children, adequate nutrition is also needed for pregnant women. nursing mothers and the elderly. Adequacy of nutrition of pregnant women receive much attention because a major impact on child growth. So also during lactation. Nursing mothers consume foods with balanced nutrition principles to be ready to produce breast milk and is ready to breastfeed. So it is with people who are elderly, this time face various problems of nutrition and health.

Unfortunately, for some people the knowledge of the adequacy of balanced nutrition is still very limited. Various questions and myths are circulating in the community, provide very little information