Really Sports can be fatal to the Heart

Perhaps there had ever heard that someone was after a workout, and then he died. In this country, this incident has happened to several artists, among others Adji Massaid, Benjamin Sueb, comedian Basuki and probably many other world celebrities have the same case.
From there came the impression that sport is supposed to bring misfortune turned out to be healthy for the heart.

Wrong assumption.
The presumption is thus began to appear in public. In fact, the wrong is not the exercise, but the unpreparedness of the factors that the victim be a trigger.
From a number of cases of sudden death after exercise, this condition occurs in those who did not exercise regularly, change the type of sport that became his habit, exercise load is too heavy compared with the age and weight.

Sudden Death.
Mystery of sudden death after exercise to get the answer.
When exercising, a person's body will dehydrate. As a result the body's blood curdle. Kentalnya this will lead to blood clotting. If someone either coronary vessels, blood coagulation is not an issue. When exercising or under stress, blood pressure, heart rate and coronary blood flow will also increase.

Increased blood flow is triggered frictional forces that cut the blood vessel walls, resulting in soft plaque in blood vessels rupture. Plaque rupture would trigger the release of fat that push blood clots more easily that would block blood flow.
When a blockage occurs in the coronary arteries, heart muscle will be deprived of oxygen suddenly. Akibanya, sudden cardiac damage and fails to pump blood throughout the body.

Choosing Exercise.
Heart attacks that result in sudden death can occur in all sports, not just futsal only. This is because all the sports could contain the danger if the perpetrator is not ready physically and mentally.
Physical and mental preparation that needs to be held include regular exercise and continuous so that the heart becomes stronger and in the long run be better.

Before doing the exercise, we should know the physical and mental conditions, consider whether we have a routine for this sport or not, what we are eating healthy as well as the results of our last medical examination like.

When a person aged 20-30 years, still can work out anything because his body is still supple and not appear the signs of degenerative diseases. At the age of 35 years, people have started to alert. In those aged over 40 years, selected the type of sport which should not be competitive, which requires large power and a long time, especially for those who are not trained.
Sports are suitable for this age is that aerobic such as jogging, brisk walking, cycling or swimming.

Due to the physical condition of each person is not the same, the recommended type of exercise is also different. Sports that do must be measurable and regularly. Scalable, because the physical condition of each person is different, including the possibility of potential diseases suffered, history of previous illnesses and diseases suffered by their families.
For that reason, early detection of disease needs to be done at the age of 35 years stepped on. All need to be checked, starting from the performance of the heart, blood vessels, blood pressure to the kidneys.

They are thinking about a descendant of heart disease, at least one generation on it, need extra vigilance. When the type of disease is known, then prevention must be done immediately. Furthermore, the appropriate type of exercise can be determined.