Beware Cracked Teeth

Teeth are an important organ for humans, especially in the digestive process. In addition, the teeth are also used to chew food before going into the digestive tract. Even so, the organ to chew it tertnyata be cracked too. Then how to solve this cracked tooth.

Fractured Tooth Roots Up.
Cracked tooth in question is indeed cracked or weakened teeth.
Not only just in the crown, but can get to the roots is also cracked.
Bia cracked tooth taxable only one root only, but the doctor will usually pull it out automatic nerve of the tooth must be treated or turned off. It also can be empty, if not revoked and the crown is still pretty good, can be covered with patches.

Causes of Cracked Teeth.
Cracked teeth can be caused from the following:
Since the accident trauma.
Consuming foods of different temperatures in turn.
Chewing food is too hard.
At the moment there are not accidentally eat rice stone.

Symptoms of Fractured Teeth.
Symptoms of cracked tooth is pain at the time mngunyah food.
If the tooth is not too severe cracks and only occurs in areas of email, no problems, can still be maintained, although the physical appearance of the teeth aesthetically beautiful or shape so it is not perfect.

Up to the layer cracks Dental Pulp.
But the problem is when a tooth cracks down to the pulp (the space that contains nerves and blood vessels), the tooth will become more sensitive when exposed to food with hot or cold temperatures or to consume food that is too salty, sweet, sour and this will causing tooth ache and pain.

Cracked tooth usually affects adults, whereas in children is rare, if it happens to children that milk teeth, the doctor just pull it out alone.

Cracked Teeth updating.
A cracked tooth can be renewed again, it was evidenced by the existence of some research done.
In essence, if the cracked tooth will still look good by utilizing the ring, with the aim that the tooth can not run everywhere and could be meeting again with the growth of new tissue.
Tooth cracks allowed to continue some kind, then in the gaps and cracks that contain food residue and bacteria can invite nesting. Usually the gap is difficult to reach with a toothbrush and can not be cleaned.

Therefore, before cracking the teeth becomes severe, it's good keretakannya patch immediately. but when the split tooth root channel has to be seen, it must be nerves or endodontic treatment.
At the time of the nerve treatment process, it helps to clean the pulp area first, then a cracked tooth was patched so that leftover food can not enter again. And if you can do a screening as soon as in the case of traumatic accident to determine whether there is a cracked tooth.