8 Ingredients and Benefits of Garlic

Onion prices soar pretty high indeed in line with the rich benefits of garlic. What is the health benefits to be gained behind the high prices of garlic.

Well, here are 8 benefits of garlic:

1. Streamlining Circulatory.
By chewing garlic can also help accelerate blood circulation and open blocked blood vessels.

2. Helps Control Sugar Levels.
If you have diabetes, garlic is also good enough to use to control the amount of sugar in the blood.

3. Antioxidant drugs.
Garlic is useful as an antioxidant that can prevent cancer. Suitable for the peroko heavy, with a chew in a raw state then the body can be protected against the disease and prevent cancer.

4. Drug Fever and Throat Hospital.
Garlic contains many anti-inflammatory substances. So if you have a fever or sore throat, you live alone chew garlic and throat result you will soon recover.

5. Gastrointestinal Infections drug.
Garlic also contains anti-bacterial za ang good. If you experience pain gastrointestinal infection, just mix in chopped raw garlic in salads. Then you will be more smooth digestion.

6. Anti-Aging medicine.
The content of antioxidative substances in garlic can also help expel toxins from the body.
The benefit is not only good for health, but also may help slow premature aging.

7. Arthritis medications (pain).
If you suffer from arthritis sakiy, you can also take advantage of the garlic. The way is by smoothing the raw garlic crushed and then immediately kompreskan way to the knee or bone pain. Garlic will soon relieve your pain.

8. First Aid Poisoning.
Poisoning caused by mercury or arsenic can also be alleviated by consuming garlic. But it is only temporary.

Thus the efficacy and usefulness of the garlic, interspersed with some content that is in the garlic. What possible usefulness so much so that white bwang be expensive now, just no comment.
But that's the reality of today.