Caring for Babies Nails

The best in caring for the baby nails is to keep it short. The goal is to avoid having a baby hurt himself as well against you or your caregiver.
Sometimes, seeing a tiny baby fingers, first the parents fear for the baby nails.

Hence, small glove often be a helper to cover the baby's tiny hand. Still, the baby nails should be cut.
The trick is to do after the baby is washed, because the nails will be softer than when he was dry. If the baby is too agile, doing as he was asleep and use a special baby nail clippers yes.

Although he said the baby nails grow faster dibandngkan with adults, this is simply not true. What happens is because the size is small so that growth is more visible nails.
But, if comparing the nails of hands and feet, toenails are growing longer. Distinct character of a human fingernail, which is growing louder and louder and stronger.