To Recognize Dehydration can be prevented

You feel thirsty and then all of a sudden headache?
Do not delay, get a drink of water and preferably water. Because if the lack of drinking could be one cause of lack of fluids or dehydration.
Keseimangan disruption of fluid in the body will also disrupt the balance of electrolytes in the blood. The cause is trivial, but the consequences can be serious.

If you already work in a room air-cooled, as in the office, it feels like we've never felt haus.Sejenak glanced over the table, oh it turns out a glass of water had been prepared since morning, apparently still intact is never touched.
Apparently, for hours we continue to move without ever taking a sip of water goods only.

Habit is what causes the kind of office workers today have a shortage of fluids or dehydration.
At first glance made ​​no sense, be in the room was cold, but why lose fluids. Apparently the cold dry air inside the air conditioned room was draining fluid from the skin. In fact, when we breathe, the body fluid is reduced. Which reduced the amount of fluid through the skin and the respiratory this alone is about one liter per day.

Dehydration characteristics.
Generally, we will experience a mild dehydration on stage first. There are several symptoms that can instantly felt like thirst, flushed face, dry skin, decreased urine volume with a darker color, the head feels dizzy, weak, often sleepy, the heart beats faster, dry mouth, saliva is reduced and body temperature increased.