Cough Causes Hard

Coughing hard can be a variety of causes.
Causes include the following.

Cough cough parings which could last 100 days.
TB disease cough, months-long, small, arise occasionally, sometimes as just cleared his throat.
In TBC stones may be accompanied with fresh blood stains.

Coughing due to asthma, asthma attacks after much mucus is produced. Mucus that stimulate coughing.

Cough due to a weak heart disease, blood yan unstoppable in the lungs, making pneumonia. Wet conditions in the lung that induce coughing.

Cough due to nervousness, the mind is not calm, fears. These conditions could suddenly arise cough. Coughing like this will disappear on its own without treatment.

Cough due to lung cancer that does not heal chronic.
The cough is not necessarily. When lung damage more knowledgeable, more coughing added.

Cough due to take in a foreign object, when trying to remove the respiratory tract foreign body it will cause a cough.